Our recent study with The Barna Group revealed that 85% of our church members are uncomfortable engaging in spiritual conversations. Equip your church with practical tools to overcome the obstacles preventing them from sharing the hope they’ve found in Christ. There is no cost for our one- day, socially distant events. All participants will receive a Church Outreach Kit, complete with sermons, videos, a training guide, and more. To register, simply email Marcus Dolphens at mdolphens@everyhome.org.


Every Home USA exists to inspire people to love the lost and equip them to reach the lost. Eighty-five percent of believers today are uncomfortable sharing their faith. You can overcome the obstacles that are standing in your way.

Created by Every Home for Christ, EncounterLife is the U.S. Ministry decidated to engaging every home with the Gospel. Marcus Dolphens is a U.S. representative. 

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Personal Outreach Kit
Personal Outreach Kit
FREE with Registration to an EncounterLife Seminar or Training Event. Kit contains: a 73-page, printed training guide; 50 folded engager invitations (16 "You are Amazing" engagers, 16 "What Just Happened"/ Prayer engagers and 17 "Who is Jesus?" engagers). Also included: information about the Encounter Outreach App. The training guide also contains links to professional videos that encourage and equip believers to evangelize. 


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